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Ann Arbor Counseling For Depression And Anxiety

Ann Arbor Counseling For Depression And Anxiety

Finding The Right Therapist For Your Ann Arbor Counseling For Depression And Anxiety

The importance of finding and meeting with a professional therapist when faced with depression and anxiety cannot be overemphasized. However, finding a therapist is one thing, but getting the right Ann Arbor counseling for depression and anxiety is much more important. As a matter of fact, the effectiveness and efficacy of your talking therapy depend on how comfortable you feel with your counselor or therapist.

Your relationship with your therapist is obviously the most important factor needed to determine whether your therapy is successful. To this end, you should take the time to first think about the kind of therapist you want. When planning for a private therapy or counseling, there are several factors you may want to consider including

    Gender (man or woman) Background knowledge Age

Based on these factors, how then can a person seeking Ann Arbor counseling for depression and anxiety find the right therapist?

Finding the right therapist

The fact that you are unable to choose who you see for a talking therapy (as it is in some settings), does not imply that you must stick with a therapist or counselor you don’t feel comfortable with. Feel free to come out open and ask for a referral to another different therapist if it’s not really working.

Though your concerns should be more about the situation at hand than the counselor you get, however, it is important to understand that the therapist you meet can either improve or worsen your condition. Do well to ask yourself if you would feel more relaxed with a different person when you meet a therapist for the first time.

The importance of being at ease with the therapist is very crucial as you will need to open up about your private thoughts and feelings during the course of the counseling session. Basically, it is the responsibility of your therapist to put you in this mood. But this is unachievable with a person you are not comfortable with. As a matter of fact, it can make you get too nervous and embarrassed which will definitely hinder you from talking in an honest manner.

Consider the initial assessment more like an audition especially if you are paying for a private therapy. Having a gut feeling during Ann Arbor counseling for depression and anxiety is obviously a good thing. This will help your therapist guide you to towards a better recovery. Nevertheless, it is best to discontinue the process if you don’t get this feeling.

Qualities of a good therapist

If you are looking to have a successful Ann Arbor counseling for depression and anxiety session, you should find an experienced therapist or counselor who

    Listens to everything you say Is capable of dealing with any worries that may be bothering your mind Ensures you are getting the best outcomes or results from the therapy Talks you up without looking down on you Shows outright empathy and understanding Values everything you say and makes good recommendations


Ann Arbor Counseling For Depression And Anxiety
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Ann Arbor Counseling For Depression And Anxiety

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