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Licensed Clinical Psychologist Ann Arbor Michigan

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Ann Arbor Michigan
Clinical psychologists are licensed workers that are competent to give direct services to patients. Their valued work can include administering and interpreting cognitive and personality tests, diagnosing mental illness, creating treatment plans, as well as conducting psychotherapy. Psychologists are experts in psychometrics, or mental measurements. Frequently they're called on to present many tests to assess psychological status or even cognitive capacity. Along with formal tests, clinical psychologists might use interviews and behavioral observations. Important to highly effective training, is finding out how conditions manifest themselves across unique populations. Margaret C Walsh, PhD. is the leading licensed clinical psychologist in Ann Arbor Michigan, and can assist you in working through your issues, for an ultimately a better way of life.
My name is Margaret C Walsh, PhD., and I have over forty years of clinical training and experience then it comes to helping people deal with life’s challenges, and showing you how talking through these challenges is healing and soothing. As the number one rated and most trusted licensed clinical psychologist in Ann Arbor Michigan, I have taken my expertise, and have developed contemporary and fresh approaches and methods in treating your disturbances. Whether you are going through a divorce, or possible you are trying to wrap your head around the loss of a loved one, working together, we can find out what your deepest problems are, and then we can tackle them accordingly.
Practicing psychologists help a range of individuals and handle a number of various issues. Several individuals might speak to a psychologist when they have felt depressed, anxious or angry for a quite a while. Possibly, they want assistance for a chronic condition which is interfering with their lives or actual physical health. Others might have short term issues they need help navigating, like feeling stressed by a new job or perhaps grieving the death of a relative. Psychologists are able to assist individuals to handle difficult situations, overcome addictions, manage health problems and break past the barriers which prevent them from achieving goals.
Therapy could be for a person, couples, some other groups or families. A number of psychologists are actually trained in the use of hypnosis, which research has discovered to be helpful for a broad range of conditions such as pain, mood disorders and tension. Psychologists are usually taught to administer and interpret a selection of tests and assessments that will help diagnose an ailment or even tell more about the way a particular person thinks, feels and behaves. These tests might evaluate weaknesses, cognitive strengths, and intellectual skills, vocational aptitude and preference, neuropsychological functioning and personality characteristics.
If you would like some additional information regarding the benefits of seeking the services of a licensed clinical psychologist in Ann Arbor Michigan, please feel free to visit my website at, and learn more about many of the types of life’s challenges that I specialize in, and can help you work through them and eventually conquer. Please also simply call me at 734.761.6221, and I will be happy to speak with you.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist Ann Arbor Michigan
Margaret C Walsh, PhD
(734) 761-6221
555 E William St, Suite 16H Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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Licensed Clinical Psychologist Ann Arbor Michigan

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Margaret C. Walsh Ph.D.
555 E. William Street
Suite 16H
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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