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Therapist Ann Arbor Michigan

Therapist Ann Arbor Michigan
By now, you probably use a go to coping mechanism for when stress and problems arise. Hopefully it is something within a helpful manner, like looking for comfort from the people you love, or perhaps getting those good feelings flowing with some physical exercise. Regardless of what way you deal, everyone is able to use a little assistance in managing life's challenges, and the way to achieve this is by speaking with a pro. Before you decide to quickly dismiss the concept, consider this: Research has proven that verbalizing feelings is able to have a major therapeutic effect on the human brain. Margaret C Walsh, PhD. is the most trusted and sought after therapist in Ann Arbor Michigan, here to assist you.
My name is Margaret C Walsh, PhD., and for over the last forty years I have been helping individuals work through their feelings of self doubt and worthlessness. Depression is a powerful challenge that millions of people suffer from, and as the leading therapist in Ann Arbor Michigan, I have developed and utilized several unique approaches and methods in allowing you to have a better quality of life. Your privacy is my utmost concern, which is why I don’t accept health insurance as a form of payment for my services. Our therapy is only between you and I, but I will issue a monthly statement, so you may bill your insurance directly, if you choose to do so.
Therapy is actually popular for its problem solving methods and status as a tool for overcoming addiction, depression, and anxiety. It is as well, a means to build a much better mental wellness in your everyday life. Therapy could be seen as an interpersonal laboratory. It is a method of dealing with cognition, interpersonal relationships and emotion in a means that will help you handle your feelings and learn to view them with an alternative viewpoint.
Put simply, you do not need to experience a great life event or a trauma to reap the benefits of therapy. Talking with an experienced professional allows you to have a feeling of the way you seem to various other individuals, will help you receive responses on whatever you are feeling as well as provides insight on the way those emotions are affecting your daily life. Regardless of the reality that over fifty nine million Americans seek the services associated with a psychological health care professional annually, there is a stigma that therapy is just for individuals suffering a devastating mental illness or even dealing with a large interpersonal issue.
Truthfully, therapy can benefit even people who are basically happy and satisfied with their lives, and smart people realize that talking through their issues is one of the best ways of working through them. If you could benefit from this theory, please visit my website at, to learn more. As a highly trained and experienced therapist in Ann Arbor Michigan, I can show you how to enjoy a better way of living. Please call me at 734.761.6221, for further assistance.
Therapist Ann Arbor Michigan
Margaret C Walsh, PhD
(734) 761-6221
555 E William St, Suite 16H Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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Therapist Ann Arbor Michigan

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Margaret C. Walsh Ph.D.
555 E. William Street
Suite 16H
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Office 734.761.6221