Therapist in Ann Arbor, MI: Counseling | Margaret C. Walsh Ph.D.
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Confused? Stuck? Been trying to figure out something and it has not changed but you still wish it would? Feeling depressed? Or overly anxious? Many concerns may converge to bring you to be looking for help. Psychotherapy is one powerful way to learn about the obstacles to feeling good about your self and your life. It might be struggling with a career choice or a decision to get serious in a relationship or to break up with a significant other. Maybe you see a pattern that seems to repeat in relationships and leads to difficulty with a loved one.

Together we will try to make sense of thoughts and feelings that get in the way of your objectives so that you can have more satisfying choices toward the life you want to live. Within the therapeutic relationship, you have the opportunity to see parts of yourself you might not have been aware of. Once identified and experienced in the safe place, you should have more choices available to you.

It takes a lot of courage to make the call to get help. When you do, I will work with you to figure out whatever type of worry, fear, or problem you bring to the session. I will bring 40 years of clinical practice, extensive clinical training, and years of life experience to our meetings to be able to help you with your individual concerns.

Services Provided

  • Psychotherapy for Adolescents and Adults
  • Psychoanalysis for Adults
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Psychotherapy for Reproductive Loss (Miscarriage, Early Infant Loss)
  • Psychotherapy for Divorce Recovery
  • Psychotherapy for Retirement Issues
  • Counseling for Life Transitions

Billing & Payment

Fees are a consideration in making a decision to see a professional. It is a big investment of time and money to arrange for therapy and can be daunting at first. Short term therapies can be helpful to people in acute crises. But research shows that longer term therapy has more lasting effects and may be optimizing your results.

I charge a fee comparable to my clinical experience and training. While I do not accept payments from insurance, I am able to provide a monthly statement for those who would like to use their insurance.

Cash and check are acceptable forms of payment and I prefer to receive the payment directly rather than through the mail.

If you call your insurance company to find out your mental health coverage, it may be helpful to know I am a clinical psychologist licensed in the State of Michigan.

All scheduled sessions are charged. I am committed to protecting our therapeutic time together. If something comes up for you, I am open to rescheduling if I have the time available within the same week.

Any questions or special circumstances? Feel free to call me at (734) 761-6221.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is one of the foundations of the therapeutic process. Without privacy and confidentiality, it is impossible to establish a safe place to explore the thoughts and feeling necessary for change and a vital therapeutic relationship. I take confidentiality seriously and will not talk to anyone or any agency without your explicit, written permission. The one legal exception is to inform when someone is a possible harm to themselves or to another person. My practice is to talk about this requirement within the psychotherapy process, if it should arise.

For those interested in a completely confidential experience, paying out of pocket is the only way to completely insure no interference from insurance or anyone else.

Contact Info

Margaret C. Walsh Ph.D.
555 E. William Street
Suite 16H
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Office 734.761.6221